Cold agglutinin disease

Disease ID:1253
Name:Cold agglutinin disease
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autoimmune hemolytic anemia | chronic cold agglutinin disease | cold agglutinin syndrome
Cold agglutinin disease is an autoimmune hemolytic anemia caused by autoantibodies that destroy erythrocytes via activation of the C1-complex of the classical complement pathway. The disease causes chronic anemia, severe fatigue and potentially fatal thrombotic events.
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Orphanet: ORPHA56425


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Ligand Approved Immuno References Clinical comments
Clinical Use: Click here to link to's list of current TNT009 (and BIVV009) trials.
Immuno Disease Comments: TNT009 is a first-in-class C1-complex-targeting mAb, that is hoped to provide an effective treatment for CAD and other complement-mediated disorders. It is a Phase 3 clinical candidate for CAD (see NCT03347396) and Phase 1 for other disorders (see NCT02502903 and NCT03275454). TNT009 is an FDA and EMA orphan drug for the treatment of hemolysis in patients with primary CAD.