CatSper and Two-Pore channels

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CatSper channels (CatSper1-4; nomenclature as agreed by NC-IUPHAR, [5]) are putative 6TM, voltage-gated, calcium permeant channels that are presumed to assemble as a tetramer of α-like subunits and mediate the current ICatSper. In mammals, CatSper subunits are structurally most closely related to individual domains of voltage-activated calcium channels (Cav) [17]. CatSper1 [17], CatSper2 [16] and CatSpers 3 and 4 [7,12,15], in common with a recently identified putative 2TM auxiliary CatSperβ protein [11] and two putative 1TM associated CatSperγ and CatSperδ proteins [4,19], are restricted to the testis and localised to the principle piece of sperm tail.

Channels and Subunits

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