STM 434

Ligand id: 8991

Name: STM 434

Compound class Antibody
STM 434 is an investigational fusion protein containing the extracellular domain of the activin receptor type 2B (ACVR2B, a.k.a. ActRIIB) fused to the Fc domain of human IgG1. This is one of the inventions claimed in patent US8501678 B2 [1]. It is not entirely clear which construct is STM 434, but it is likely to be either vActRIIB-IgG1Fc E28W (E10W) mature polypeptide (which has SEQ ID: 62) or vActRIIB-IgG1Fc E28Y (E10Y) mature polypeptide (SEQ ID: 64).
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