Zika virus genome polyprotein

Target id: 2953

Nomenclature: Zika virus genome polyprotein

Systematic Nomenclature: Zika virus (strain Mr 766) (ZIKV) polyprotein

Family: Other anti-infective targets

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Allosteric Modulators
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Ligand Sp. Action Affinity Units Reference
NSC157058 ZIKV Inhibition 6.1 pIC50 1
pIC50 6.1 (IC50 8.2x10-7 M) [1]
General Comments
This polyprotein precursor is proteolytically processed inside the host cell to spawn a number of separate activities (see GO terms in UniProt entry), including enzymes that are important for viral replication. Several of these are being pursued as novel anti-viral drug targets.


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1. Shiryaev SA, Farhy C, Pinto A, Huang CT, Simonetti N, Ngono AE, Dewing A, Shresta S, Pinkerton AB, Cieplak P et al.. (2017) Characterization of the Zika virus two-component NS2B-NS3 protease and structure-assisted identification of allosteric small-molecule antagonists. Antiviral Res., 143: 218-229. [PMID:28461069]

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