Target id: 1377

Nomenclature: mPGES1

Family: Prostaglandin synthases

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Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - - PTGES prostaglandin E synthase
Mouse - - Ptges prostaglandin E synthase
Rat - - Ptges prostaglandin E synthase
Previous and Unofficial Names
MGST1-L1 | PIG12 | Prostaglandin E synthase | MGST-IV | MGST1-like 1 | microsomal prostaglandin E synthase-1 | Pges
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Selected 3D Structures
Image of receptor 3D structure from RCSB PDB
Description:  Crystal structures of mPGES-1 inhibitor complexes.
PDB Id:  4YK5
Ligand:  compound 30 [PMID: 15953724]
Resolution:  1.45Å
Species:  Human
References:  2
Enzyme Reaction
EC Number: PGH2 = PGE2

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Ligand Sp. Action Affinity Units Reference
compound 44 [PMID: 19748780] Hs Inhibition 9.0 pIC50 1
pIC50 9.0 (IC50 1x10-9 M) [1]
compound 30 [PMID: 15953724] Hs Inhibition 8.5 pIC50 3
pIC50 8.5 (IC50 3x10-9 M) [3]
compound 39 [PMID: 23623673] Hs Inhibition 8.4 pIC50 4
pIC50 8.4 (IC50 4.1x10-9 M) [4]


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1. Giroux A, Boulet L, Brideau C, Chau A, Claveau D, Côté B, Ethier D, Frenette R, Gagnon M, Guay J et al.. (2009) Discovery of disubstituted phenanthrene imidazoles as potent, selective and orally active mPGES-1 inhibitors. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.19 (20): 5837-41. [PMID:19748780]

2. Luz JG, Antonysamy S, Kuklish SL, Condon B, Lee MR, Allison D, Yu XP, Chandrasekhar S, Backer R, Zhang A et al.. (2015) Crystal Structures of mPGES-1 Inhibitor Complexes Form a Basis for the Rational Design of Potent Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics. J. Med. Chem.58 (11): 4727-37. [PMID:25961169]

3. Riendeau D, Aspiotis R, Ethier D, Gareau Y, Grimm EL, Guay J, Guiral S, Juteau H, Mancini JA, Méthot N et al.. (2005) Inhibitors of the inducible microsomal prostaglandin E2 synthase (mPGES-1) derived from MK-886. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.15 (14): 3352-5. [PMID:15953724]

4. Shiro T, Kakiguchi K, Takahashi H, Nagata H, Tobe M. (2013) 7-Phenyl-imidazoquinolin-4(5H)-one derivatives as selective and orally available mPGES-1 inhibitors. Bioorg. Med. Chem.21 (11): 2868-78. [PMID:23623673]

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