sacituzumab govitecan

Ligand id: 8253

Name: sacituzumab govitecan

Compound class Antibody
International Nonproprietary Names
INN number INN
10097 sacituzumab govitecan
hRS7-SN-38-ADC | IMMU-132
IMMU-132 is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) with SN-38 (the active metabolite of the topoisomerase inhibitor irinotecan) covalently linked to an anti-TROP-2 monoclonal antibody (see patent US8574575 [1]) [3]. TROP-2 is a transmembrane glycoprotein, cell surface antigen which has oncogenic activity in cancers of epithelial origin [4], but expression is restricted in normal tissue. Directing SN-38 to cancer cells via TROP-2 binding is predicted to limit toxicity.
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