Ligand id: 6801

Name: chlorpropamide

Structure and Physico-chemical Properties

2D Structure
Calculated Physico-chemical Properties
Hydrogen bond acceptors 5
Hydrogen bond donors 2
Rotatable bonds 6
Topological polar surface area 83.65
Molecular weight 276.03
XLogP 1.67
No. Lipinski's rules broken 0

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Summary of Clinical Use
An oral antihyperglycemic agent used for the treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
Like other sulfonylureas this compound acts to stimulate insulin sectetion by pancreatic β-cells. The sulfonyurea drugs appear to bind sulfonylurea receptors and it has been shown experimentally that tritiated glibenclamide can be used to pull out a 140 kDa protein identified as SUR1 (now known as ABCC8) [4]. The functional β-cell channel has been characterised as a hetero-octamer formed by four SUR1 and four Kir6.2 subunits, with the Kir6.2 subunits forming the core ion pore and the SUR1 subunits providing the regulatory properties [3]. Co-expression of Kir6.2 with SUR1 reconstitutes the ATP-dependent K+ conductivity inhibited by the sulfonyureas [2].