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Name: dupilumab

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Summary of Clinical Use
Dupilumab is being clinically assessed as a treatment for atopic allergic conditions, including asthma, atopic dermatitis (AD) and nasal polyposis. A list of trials registered at ClinicalTrials.gov is available here.
Preliminary results from one clinical trial in patients with persistent asthma, reports significant improvements in measures of lung function and asthma control when treated with dupilumab [3].
Results from a Phase II study in patients with nasal polyposis and chronic symptoms of sinusitis (NCT01920893) are reported by Bachert et al. (2016) [1]. Patients in this study were given dupilumab + mometasone or mometasone + dupilumab placebo. Dupilumab + mometasone reduced nasal polyp burden and improved symptoms of sinusitis to a greater extent than the mometasone + placebo treatment.
Dupilumab received full FDA approval for moderate-to-severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) in March 2017, and the EMA granted this same approval in August 2017.
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
Dupilumab is an IL-4 receptor α subunit (IL4Rα) inhibitor. IL4Rα is a component of the receptors which bind both interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-13. Interleukins 4 and 13 are released as a response to Th2 cell activation in inflammatory reactions. By inhibiting both of these signalling pathways, it is hoped that dupilumab will effect a reduction of airway inflammation. This appears to be confirmed by preliminary results from Phase II clinical trial in patients with moderate-to-severe asthma [3].