Ligand id: 7680

Name: AZD1981

Structure and Physico-chemical Properties

2D Structure
Calculated Physico-chemical Properties
Hydrogen bond acceptors 5
Hydrogen bond donors 2
Rotatable bonds 6
Topological polar surface area 96.63
Molecular weight 388.06
XLogP 3.92
No. Lipinski's rules broken 0

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Immunopharmacology Comments
AZD1981 acts as an antagonist of the GPCR, DP2 (a.k.a. CRTH2) expressed by Th2 lymphocytes and eosinophils. This mechanism would be expected to inhibit prostaglandin D2-driven chemotaxis.
Immunopharmacology Disease
Disease X-Refs Comment References
Asthma Disease Ontology: DOID:2841
OMIM: 600807
Phase 2 clinical candidate with predicted anti-asthmatic activity (see NCT00758589 for example). Has alos completed Phase 2 clinical trials for COPD (NCT00690482) and chronic idiopathic urticaria (NCT02031679).