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Acute pancreatitis

Disease ID:1261
Name:Acute pancreatitis
Associated with:0 target
1 immuno-relevant ligand
A sudden inflammation of the pancreas that is commonly caused by gallstones or alcohol abuse.


No target related data available for Acute pancreatitis


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Ligand References Clinical and Disease comments
Immuno Disease Comments: Phase 2 clinical candidate for the treatment of acute pancreatitis- see NCT03401190
Bioactivity Comments: Preclinical results indicate that inhibition of Orai1 reduces calcium-induced injury to human and mouse pancreatic acinar cells in vitro, and to whole pancreas in mouse models [1]. | View biological activity


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1. Wen L, Voronina S, Javed MA, Awais M, Szatmary P, Latawiec D, Chvanov M, Collier D, Huang W, Barrett J et al.. (2015) Inhibitors of ORAI1 Prevent Cytosolic Calcium-Associated Injury of Human Pancreatic Acinar Cells and Acute Pancreatitis in 3 Mouse Models. Gastroenterology, 149 (2): 481-92.e7. [PMID:25917787]