Database content

Current database content for version 2024.1 released 26 March 2024.

Target ClassNumber of human targets
7TM receptors399
G protein-coupled receptors including orphans394
Orphan G protein-coupled receptors*122
Other 7TM proteins5
Nuclear hormone receptors48
Catalytic receptors253
Ligand-gated ion channels81
Voltage-gated ion channels144
Other ion channels53
Other protein targets233
Total number of targets3067
Chemical ClassNumber of ligands
Synthetic organics8916
Endogenous peptides817
Other peptides including synthetic peptides1512
Natural Products416
Approved drugs1981
Withdrawn drugs109
Drugs with INNs3446
Labelled ligands649
Total number of ligands12590
CategoryCount in database
Number of curated binding constants20789
Number of binding constants from large-scale screens31207
Number of references45361
Human targets with curated interactions1984
Human targets with quantitative interactions1732
Human targets with quantitative interactions with CIDs1560
Human targets of approved drugs743
Human primary targets of approved drugs350
Approved drugs with quantitative interactions1128
Ligands with target interactions10405
Ligands with quantitative interactions9204
Ligands with CID and quantitative interactions7756
Ligands with clinical use summary3704
Approved drugs with clincial use summary1971
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Measured by the number of distinct human UniProt entries included in the database for a given target class.
* Orphans are defined as proteins having similarity to receptors but whose endogenous ligands have not yet been conclusively identified.