Download slides and posters

Generic slide set

We have produced a set of generic slides (now updated for end 2018) for public use when producing presentations and teaching materials on the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY (GtoPdb). The slide set is divided up into sections which can be mixed and matched as required. The slides cover the background and history of the database, about NC-IUPHAR, GtoPdb content and navigation, the Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY, the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY, the Pharmacology Education Project, and other resources. Screenshots of the main website features are provided, however, you may wish to replace these with a live demo of the site. These slides are provided under the CC BY license allowing you to adapt and use them for any purpose as long as we are acknowledged as the original authors.

General poster

We have also produced a general poster on the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY which would be ideal to print out (it works well in A4 size) and display on your departmental noticeboard or as a hand out for students. The poster is available under the CC BY-ND license allowing free use as long as it is not altered.

Other documents

 These and other slide sets and posters are also available to download via our public slideshare account.