Here we provide files for download containing data from the Guide to PHARMACOLOGY in various formats. These are the most commonly requested types of data file; other data and file formats are available by emailing us.

The Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).
Creative Commons LicenceIts contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Web Services

Our REST web services enable computational access to most of the GtoPdb data in JSON format. Please see the web services page for more information and a full listing of the web services available.

Download data files

Downloads are from the 2024.2 version.

Download CSV/TSV files with information on targets, ligands and interactions. We also provide mappings between our internal identifiers and URLs to HGNC gene IDs/symbols or UniProt accessions. Read a description of the files here go icon to follow link

Notes on using CSV files with Microsoft Excel

Some users have reported problems opening CSV files with Microsoft Excel 2016 where their default list separator is a semicolon. In this case all text after a semicolon will be lost. You can check if this is the case for you by opening the target and family CSV file and looking to see whether there is text in any of the columns after column I ("synonyms") for rows 3 and 5. The list separator can be changed in "Control Panel / Region / Additional Settings / List separator:".


Specific datasets related to the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY can be found on its help page. This also contains GtoImmuPdb release documentation and files related to our 2018 NAR paper.

Download RDF version

We now provide access to part of the GtoPdb data (target-ligand interactions with some supporting information) in RDF (linked data) format. There are 4 data files (one containing all the data, one describing just targets, one for ligands and one for interactions), these are provided in Notation3 (N3) format. We also provide 2 metadata files which include a general description of the dataset and specific information on the 2024.1 version

Download the full database

We provide a copy of the current public relational database (created with PostgreSQL version 12.13) to download (please read the license information above).

Archived PostgreSQL versions:

We keep an archive of old PostgreSQL versions (all PostgreSQL version 9.2) and the most recent archived versions are available here. For older versions, please contact us.

MySQL version:

We no longer provide an up-to-date MySQL version. We are willing to discuss providing a MySQL version 'on demand', so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this. We also have some archived versions which were created with MySQL 5.6. However, note these were untested trial versions. (The data are encoded in character set UTF-8; to use it with MySQL you need to enable full UTF-8 4-byte support.)

Please note that while we hope this information will be useful, the database file is provided "as is" and without any technical support on using PostgreSQL or MySQL.

UniProt KB Cross-Links

The current list of Guide to PHARMACOLOGY cross-references in UniProtKB. Note these are the 2292 protein accessions (from the four species human, mouse, rat, Plasmodium falciparum) that have quantitative interactions (with affinity > 6) with any of the ~10,500 ligands, including approved drugs, research compounds as well as endogenous ligands, mapped to GtoPdb target identifiers. This does not include data from screens. Download list [tab separated file] .
Alternatively, click here for the complete list of targets in GtoPdb which have an annotated UniProtKB/SwissProt accession in all 3 species.

View legacy target and ligand lists (pre-2017) go icon to follow link

Presentation slides and posters

We also provide a set of generic slides and a poster for public use when producing presentations and teaching materials using the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY.