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Uveal melanoma

Disease ID:1286
Name:Uveal melanoma
Associated with:1 target
Uveal melanoma is the most common eye cancer in adults. It is distinct from skin melanomas.


CysLT2 receptor
Mutations:  CysLT2 receptor is associated with 1 mutation. Click here for details


No ligand related data available for Uveal melanoma


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1. Ceraudo E, Horioka M, Mattheisen JM, Hitchman TD, Moore AR, Kazmi MA, Chi P, Chen Y, Sakmar TP, Huber T. (2021) Direct evidence that the GPCR CysLTR2 mutant causative of uveal melanoma is constitutively active with highly biased signaling. J Biol Chem, 296: 100163. [PMID:33288675]