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Deafness-infertility syndrome

Disease ID:274
Name:Deafness-infertility syndrome
Associated with:1 target
Deafness, sensineural, and male infertility
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OMIM: 611102
Orphanet: ORPHA94064


Role:  Male infertility segregating with sensorineural deafness.
Comments:  This syndrome is caused by a large contiguous gene deletion at 15q15.3 including four genes (KIAA0377, CKMT1B, STRC and CATSPER2). Identified in 3 French brothers with type I CDA, asthenoteratozoospermia, and nonsyndromic deafness who were homozygous for an approximately 70-kb deletion which removed the entire STRC gene and the last 2 exons (225 bp) of the CATSPER2 gene.
References:  1,3
Mutations:  CatSper2 is associated with 2 mutation. Click here for details


No ligand related data available for Deafness-infertility syndrome


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