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Polycystic kidney disease 2

Disease ID:762
Name:Polycystic kidney disease 2
Associated with:1 target
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease | Polycystic kidney disease
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Disease Ontology: DOID:898
OMIM: 613095
Orphanet: ORPHA730


Role:  Mutation leads to a progressive increase in cyst formation, particularly in the kidney, but also in the liver and other organs, leading to kidney disfunction and failure.
Comments:  It is proposed that the cyst formation requires a "two-hit" mechanism, where the inherited mutation is followed by a somatic mutation leading to local absence of TRPP1 and cyst formation.
References:  1,3
Mutations:  TRPP1 is associated with 18 mutation. Click here for details


No ligand related data available for Polycystic kidney disease 2


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