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Schizophrenia 16; SCZD16

Disease ID:841
Name:Schizophrenia 16; SCZD16
Associated with:1 target
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Disease Ontology: DOID:5419
OMIM: 181500, 613959
Orphanet: ORPHA3140


VPAC2 receptor
Comments:  Two groups have shown that copy number variation leading to duplications of the VIPR2 gene confers significant risk for schizophrenia.
References:  1-2


No ligand related data available for Schizophrenia 16; SCZD16


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1. Levinson DF, Duan J, Oh S, Wang K, Sanders AR, Shi J, Zhang N, Mowry BJ, Olincy A, Amin F et al.. (2011) Copy number variants in schizophrenia: confirmation of five previous findings and new evidence for 3q29 microdeletions and VIPR2 duplications. Am J Psychiatry, 168 (3): 302-16. [PMID:21285140]

2. Vacic V, McCarthy S, Malhotra D, Murray F, Chou HH, Peoples A, Makarov V, Yoon S, Bhandari A, Corominas R et al.. (2011) Duplications of the neuropeptide receptor gene VIPR2 confer significant risk for schizophrenia. Nature, 471 (7339): 499-503. [PMID:21346763]