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Neuropeptide W/neuropeptide B receptors C

Unless otherwise stated all data on this page refer to the human proteins. Gene information is provided for human (Hs), mouse (Mm) and rat (Rn).


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The neuropeptide BW receptor 1 (NPBW1, provisional nomenclature [2]) is activated by two 23-amino-acid peptides, neuropeptide W (neuropeptide W-23 (NPW, Q8N729)) and neuropeptide B (neuropeptide B-23 (NPB, Q8NG41)) [3,12]. C-terminally extended forms of the peptides (neuropeptide W-30 (NPW, Q8N729) and neuropeptide B-29 (NPB, Q8NG41)) also activate NPBW1 [1]. Unique to both forms of neuropeptide B is the N-terminal bromination of the first tryptophan residue, and it is from this post-translational modification that the nomenclature NPB is derived. These peptides were first identified from bovine hypothalamus and therefore are classed as neuropeptides. Endogenous variants of the peptides without the N-terminal bromination, des-Br-neuropeptide B-23 (NPB, Q8NG41) and des-Br-neuropeptide B-29 (NPB, Q8NG41), were not found to be major components of bovine hypothalamic tissue extracts. The NPBW2 receptor is activated by the short and C-terminal extended forms of neuropeptide W and neuropeptide B [1].


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