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Graves' disease

Disease ID:405
Name:Graves' disease
Associated with:1 target
2 immuno-relevant ligands
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Disease Ontology: DOID:12361


References:  1,3


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Ligand References Clinical and Disease comments
Immuno Disease Comments: Phase 2 clinical candidate for Graves' disease- see NCT02713256
Clinical Use: CFZ533 is being evaluated in clinical trials as a therapy for some autoimmune conditions and for preventing/reducing solid organ transplant rejection. Click here to link to's full list of CFZ533 trials. | View clinical data
Bioactivity Comments: CFZ533 (mAb1) shows no agonist activity in an in vitro assay using isolated human PBMCs, blocks -mediated PBMC proliferation (IC50 58 ng/ml), inhibits CD40L-mediated TNF-α release from human monocyte derived dendritic cells (IC50 40 ng/ml), and has ADCC activity of < 1% (measuring specific lysis) [2]. | View biological activity
Immuno Disease Comments: Approved antithyroid drug that reduces serum CXCL10 levels and inhibits the inflammatory processes underlying autoimmune thyroid disease.
Clinical Use: Used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, goiter, Graves disease and psoriasis. | View clinical data


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1. Chu X, Shen M, Xie F, Miao XJ, Shou WH, Liu L, Yang PP, Bai YN, Zhang KY, Yang L et al.. (2013) An X chromosome-wide association analysis identifies variants in GPR174 as a risk factor for Graves' disease. J Med Genet, 50 (7): 479-85. [PMID:23667180]

2. Heusser C, Rush J, Vincent K. (2012) Silent fc variants of anti-cd40 antibodies. Patent number: WO2012065950. Assignee: Novartis Ag. Priority date: 15/11/2010. Publication date: 24/05/2012.

3. Zhao SX, Xue LQ, Liu W, Gu ZH, Pan CM, Yang SY, Zhan M, Wang HN, Liang J, Gao GQ et al.. (2013) Robust evidence for five new Graves' disease risk loci from a staged genome-wide association analysis. Hum Mol Genet, 22 (16): 3347-62. [PMID:23612905]