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Angina pectoris

Disease ID:70
Name:Angina pectoris
Associated with:1 target


Drugs:  Nifedipine, amlodipine and other DHPs, verapamil, diltiazem.
Side effects:  Hypotension, edema, constipation, bradycardia, AV-block.
Therapeutic use:  Prophylaxis and treatment.
References:  1


No ligand related data available for Angina pectoris


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1. Poole-Wilson PA, Lubsen J, Kirwan BA, van Dalen FJ, Wagener G, Danchin N, Just H, Fox KA, Pocock SJ, Clayton TC, Motro M, Parker JD, Bourassa MG, Dart AM, Hildebrandt P, Hjalmarson A, Kragten JA, Molhoek GP, Otterstad JE, Seabra-Gomes R, Soler-Soler J, Weber S. (2004) Effect of long-acting nifedipine on mortality and cardiovascular morbidity in patients with stable angina requiring treatment (ACTION trial): randomised controlled trial. Lancet, 364 (9437): 849-57. [PMID:15351192]