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Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins C

Unless otherwise stated all data on this page refer to the human proteins. Gene information is provided for human (Hs), mouse (Mm) and rat (Rn).


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Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins allow dissipation of the mitochondrial proton gradient associated with thermogenesis and regulation of radical formation.


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UCP1 (Uncoupling protein 1 / SLC25A7) C Show summary »

UCP2 (Uncoupling protein 2 / SLC25A8) C Show summary »

UCP3 (Uncoupling protein 3 / SLC25A9) C Show summary »

Target Id 1068
Nomenclature Uncoupling protein 3
Systematic nomenclature SLC25A9
Common abbreviation UCP3
Previous and unofficial names mitochondrial uncoupling protein 3 | solute carrier family 25 member 9 | Uncoupling protein 3 mitochondrial | uncoupling protein 3 (mitochondrial, proton carrier) | uncoupling protein 3 (mitochondrial
Genes UCP3 (Hs), Ucp3 (Mm), Ucp3 (Rn)
Ensembl ID ENSG00000175564 (Hs), ENSMUSG00000032942 (Mm), ENSRNOG00000017716 (Rn)
UniProtKB AC P55916 (Hs), P56501 (Mm), P56499 (Rn)
Bioparadigms SLC Tables SLC25A9 (Hs)
Stoichiometry H+ (in)

UCP4 (Uncoupling protein 4 / SLC25A27) C Show summary »

UCP5 (Uncoupling protein 5 / SLC25A14) C Show summary »

KMCP1 / SLC25A30 C Show summary »

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