1H. Liver X receptor-like receptors: Introduction

The IUPHAR Compendium of the Pharmacology and Classification of the Nuclear Receptor Superfamily 2006 provides a useful general overview on nuclear hormone receptors. This volume is available online from Pharmacological Reviews. The following chapters from the compendium may be of interest for this particular set of receptors [2-3].
El-Gendy et al. (2018) have published a Journal of Medicinal Chemistry miniperspective which reviews the structure and function of the liver X receptors, and advances that have been made in designing clinically useful LXR modulators [1].


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1. El-Gendy BEM, Goher SS, Hegazy LS, Arief MMH, Burris TP. (2018) Recent Advances in the Medicinal Chemistry of Liver X Receptors. J Med Chem, 61 (24): 10935-10956. [PMID:30004226]

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