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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 11594

Synonyms: IL15 D72
Comment: Inogapendekin alfa is recombinant human IL-15 with an amino acid substitution (Asn72Asp/N72D) that enhances its agonist activity at the IL-15Rβγc complex. IL-15N72D increases biological activity by 4-5-fold compared to the wild type cytokine. Inogapendekin alfa is synthesised in tandem with inbakicept to generate the clinical stage IL-15 superagonist complex ALT-803.
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Compound class Peptide or derivative
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INN number INN
11157 nogapendekin alfa
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IL15 D72
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IMGT/mAb-DB 983
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GtoPdb PubChem SID 442878628
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