Ligand id: 2057

Name: [111In,90Y]DOTA-NOC    

Compound class Peptide or derivative
90Y-DOTA-NOC | [90Y-DOTA]-1-Nal3-octreotide | YIII-DOTA-NOC [1]
Synthetic peptide octreotide (SMS 201,995), modified at position 3 of the amino acid sequence, conjugated with DOTA and labelled with yttrium (90Y) and indium (111I). The exact structure of this ligand is not specified in the reference. For the structures of DOTA and octreotide see the individual ligand pages. 'NOC' is formed by the substitution of phenyalanine residue 3 in octreotide with 3-naphthylalanine (Nal).
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