abicipar pegol

Ligand id: 8371

Name: abicipar pegol

Compound class Peptide or derivative
International Nonproprietary Names
INN number INN
9627 abicipar pegol
AGN-150998 | MP0112
Abicipar pegol is a VEGFA targeting protein conjugate generated using DARPin® technology [1,3]. The INN record for this construct describes it as a 'pegylated composite protein for clinical applications (CPCA)'. The amino acid sequence for the protein component is provided here. Structurally, the conjugate contains glycyl-seryl-ankyrin repeats (3-35, 36-68, 69-101, 102-123) with a short linker (127-134) and a cysteine di-sulphide bond (1-135), conjugated via a maleimide group linker (thioether bond to C135) to a single linear methoxy polyethylene glycol 20 (mPEG20). DARPins are protein therapeutics that are being developed as an alternative to antigen receptors (antibodies).
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