Ligand id: 9598

Name: rovelizumab

Compound class Antibody
International Nonproprietary Names
INN number INN
7869 rovelizumab
Hu23F2G | LeukArrest
Rovelizumab (Hu23F2G) is a humanized IgG4 bispecific monoclonal antibody targeting integrin alpha L subunit (ITGAL, CD11A) and integrin beta 2 subunit (ITGB2, CD18) [5], which are components of the leukocyte adhesion integrin LFA-1. Rovelizumab was developed by Icos Corporation (later acquired by Eli Lilly) for potential use in multiple sclerosis, myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke.
Annotated peptide sequences for this antibody are available from its IMGT/mAb-DB record.
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