tethered chemerin 9

Ligand id: 9784

Name: tethered chemerin 9

Compound class Peptide or derivative
This is a synthetic peptide designed as a long-acting CMKLR1 agonist. The construct tethers the potent chemerin receptor agonist chemerin C-terminal peptide to the outer surface of the cell membrane, in juxtaposition to the receptor [1].
Structural and sequence details are:
1-56 TNFα type II transmembrane domain
57-78 repetitive glycine-asparagine linker
79-88 myc epitope tag
89-99 repetitive glycine-asparagine linker
100-108 chemerin C-terminal peptide at the carboxy terminal of the construct [1-2].
In vivo delivery is achieved by lipidating the chemerin nonapeptide portion of the construct [1].
The potent chemoattractant mediating effects of CMKLR1 has lead to the development of chemerin agonists as candidate therapeutics to improve resolution of inflammation, particularly as has been established in asthma models [3].
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