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Target id: 118

Nomenclature: GPR82

Family: Class A Orphans

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class A G protein-coupled receptor
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 6 336 Xp11.4 GPR82 G protein-coupled receptor 82
Mouse 6 328 X A1.1 Gpr82 G protein-coupled receptor 82
Gene and Protein Information Comments
There is no evidence for Gpr82 in rats
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Specialist databases
GPCRDB gpr82_human (Hs), gpr82_mouse (Mm)
Other databases
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Human Protein Atlas
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Tissue Distribution Click here for help
Ubiquitously expressed in the brain, microglia, spleen and bone-marrow-derived dendritic cells. Highly expressed in the epididymis, testis and hypothalamus.
Species:  Mouse
Technique:  RT-PCR
References:  1
Tissue Distribution Comments
Lee et al. reported that no transcripts of GPR82 were detected by Northern blot analysis in the human frontal cortex, caudate putamen, thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, pons and liver tissue [2].
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Log average relative transcript abundance in mouse tissues measured by qPCR from Regard, J.B., Sato, I.T., and Coughlin, S.R. (2008). Anatomical profiling of G protein-coupled receptor expression. Cell, 135(3): 561-71. [PMID:18984166] [Raw data: website]

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Physiological Consequences of Altering Gene Expression Click here for help
Mice with Gpr82 knockout have a lower body weight and body fat content associated with a reduced food intake. In addition, mice with Gpr82 knockout show decreased serum triglyceride levels, higher insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.
Species:  Mouse
Technique:  Knock-out by homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells
References:  1
Phenotypes, Alleles and Disease Models Click here for help Mouse data from MGI

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Allele Composition & genetic background Accession Phenotype Id Phenotype Reference
Gpr82tm1Lex Gpr82tm1Lex/Gpr82tm1Lex
involves: 129S5/SvEvBrd * C57BL/6J
MGI:2441734  MP:0002169 no abnormal phenotype detected
General Comments
GPR82 belongs to the group of P2Y12-like receptors [1].


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1. Engel KM, Schröck K, Teupser D, Holdt LM, Tönjes A, Kern M, Dietrich K, Kovacs P, Krügel U, Scheidt HA et al.. (2011) Reduced food intake and body weight in mice deficient for the G protein-coupled receptor GPR82. PLoS ONE, 6 (12): e29400. [PMID:22216272]

2. Lee DK, Nguyen T, Lynch KR, Cheng R, Vanti WB, Arkhitko O, Lewis T, Evans JF, George SR, O'Dowd BF. (2001) Discovery and mapping of ten novel G protein-coupled receptor genes. Gene, 275 (1): 83-91. [PMID:11574155]


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