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Target id: 1375

Nomenclature: COX-1

Family: Cyclooxygenase

Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 599 9q32-q33.3 PTGS1 prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1
Mouse - 602 2 24.19 cM Ptgs1 prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1
Rat - 602 3 p11 Ptgs1 prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1
Previous and Unofficial Names
COX1 | PGHS-1 | COX-1 | Cox-3 | cyclooxygenase 1 | cyclooxygenase 3 | PGH synthase 1 | prostaglandin G/H synthase 1 | prostaglandin G/H synthase and cyclooxygenase | prostaglandin H2 synthase 1
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KEGG Enzyme
Enzyme Reaction
EC Number: Hydrogen donor + arachidonic acid + 2O2 = hydrogen acceptor + H2O + PGH2
Description Reaction Reference
Arachidonic acid => PGG2 => PGH2
This enzyme is also associated with the following reaction: Docosahexaenoic acid => PGH3

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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
paracetamol Hs Inhibition 3.9 pKi 7
pKi 3.9 (Ki 1.136x10-4 M) [7]
(S)-ARN2508 Hs Inhibition 9.5 pIC50 18
pIC50 9.5 (IC50 2.9x10-10 M) [18]
FK-881 Hs Inhibition 8.3 pIC50 8
pIC50 8.3 (IC50 4.9x10-9 M) [8]
bromfenac Hs Inhibition 8.1 pIC50 1
pIC50 8.1 (IC50 8.48x10-9 M) [1]
SC-560 Hs Inhibition 8.1 pIC50 23
pIC50 8.1 (IC50 9x10-9 M) [23]
diclofenac Hs Inhibition 7.9 pIC50 27
pIC50 7.9 (IC50 1.2x10-8 M) [27]
FR122047 Hs Inhibition 7.5 pIC50 19
pIC50 7.5 (IC50 3.16x10-8 M) [19]
meclofenamic acid Hs Inhibition 7.3 pIC50 10
pIC50 7.3 (IC50 5x10-8 M) [10]
flurbiprofen Hs Inhibition 7.1 pIC50 25
pIC50 7.1 (IC50 7.5x10-8 M) [25]
ketorolac Hs Inhibition 4.5 – 9.7 pIC50 24-25
pIC50 9.7 (IC50 1.9x10-10 M) [25]
pIC50 4.5 (IC50 3.15x10-5 M) [24]
Description: Instantaneous inhibition of human COX1 by compound (no pre-incubation).
fenoprofen Hs Inhibition 6.8 pIC50 1
pIC50 6.8 (IC50 1.45x10-7 M) [1]
indomethacin Hs Inhibition 6.6 pIC50 11
pIC50 6.6 (IC50 2.6x10-7 M) [11]
ketoprofen Hs Inhibition 6.5 pIC50 3
pIC50 6.5 (IC50 3.3x10-7 M) [3]
Description: Inhibition of COX1 in human whole blood.
suprofen Hs Inhibition 6.3 pIC50 3
pIC50 6.3 (IC50 5.6x10-7 M) [3]
sulindac Hs Inhibition 5.9 pIC50 26
pIC50 5.9 (IC50 1.2x10-6 M) [26]
SWE101 Hs Inhibition 5.9 pIC50 14
pIC50 5.9 (IC50 1.2x10-6 M) [14]
piroxicam Hs Inhibition 5.9 pIC50 16
pIC50 5.9 (IC50 1.3x10-6 M) [16]
oxaprozin Hs Inhibition 5.7 pIC50 12
pIC50 5.7 (IC50 2.2x10-6 M) [12]
ibuprofen Hs Inhibition 5.5 pIC50 9
pIC50 5.5 (IC50 3x10-6 M) [9]
phenylbutazone Hs Inhibition 5.5 pIC50 17
pIC50 5.5 (IC50 3x10-6 M) [17]
naproxen Hs Inhibition 5.5 pIC50 13
pIC50 5.5 (IC50 3.2x10-6 M) [13]
(R)-ARN2508 Hs Inhibition 5.4 pIC50 18
pIC50 5.4 (IC50 4x10-6 M) [18]
peptide 30 [PMID: 27019010] Hs Inhibition 5.2 pIC50 22
pIC50 5.2 (IC50 6x10-6 M) [22]
nimesulide Hs Inhibition 4.8 pIC50 20
pIC50 4.8 (IC50 1.74x10-5 M) [20]
SC-236 Hs Inhibition 4.8 pIC50 21
pIC50 4.8 (IC50 1.78x10-5 M) [21]
mefenamic acid Hs Inhibition 4.6 pIC50 6
pIC50 4.6 (IC50 2.5x10-5 M) [6]
meloxicam Hs Inhibition 4.4 pIC50 16
pIC50 4.4 (IC50 3.66x10-5 M) [16]
compound 9 [Kumar et al., 2019] Oa Inhibition 4.4 pIC50 15
pIC50 4.4 (IC50 3.992x10-5 M) [15]
Description: Inhibition of ovine COX1 using a proprietary COX inhibitor screening assay kit (Cayman chemical company).
GW406381 Hs Inhibition <4.1 pIC50 2
pIC50 <4.1 (IC50 >8.42x10-5 M) [2]
celecoxib Hs Inhibition 4.0 pIC50 11
pIC50 4.0 (IC50 1x10-4 M) [11]
compound 12a [PMID: 29031075] Hs Inhibition 4.0 pIC50 11
pIC50 4.0 (IC50 1.04x10-4 M) [11]
aspirin Hs Inhibition 3.3 pIC50 4
pIC50 3.3 (IC50 5.601x10-4 M) [4]
naproxcinod Hs Inhibition - - 5
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Inhibitor Comments
Piroxicam inhibits both cyclooxygenase isozymes [16], with maximum inhibition of PGE2 synthesis of approximately 60% for COX-2 and 35% for COX-1.
Fenoprofen is a non-selective COX inhibitor.
Immunopharmacology Comments
The cyclooxygenase enzymes are included in GtoImmuPdb as they are involved in the production of inflammatory mediators, and are long-standing anti-inflammatory drug targets.
Immuno Process Associations
Immuno Process:  Inflammation
GO Annotations:  Associated to 1 GO processes, IEA only
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GO:0006954 inflammatory response IEA
Phenotypes, Alleles and Disease Models Mouse data from MGI

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Allele Composition & genetic background Accession Phenotype Id Phenotype Reference
Cnr1tm1Zim|Ptgs1tm1Unc Cnr1tm1Zim/Cnr1tm1Zim,Ptgs1tm1Unc/Ptgs1tm1Unc
involves: 129/Sv * 129P2/OlaHsd * C57BL/6J
MGI:104615  MGI:97797  MP:0002907 abnormal parturition PMID: 18833324 


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