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Interleukin-7 receptor

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Target id: 2300

Nomenclature: Interleukin-7 receptor

Family: IL-2 receptor family

Quaternary Structure: Subunits
Interleukin-7 receptor subunit α (Ligand-binding subunit)
Interleukin-2 receptor subunit γ (Other subunit)
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IL-7 {Sp: Human}

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Ligand Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
IL-7 {Sp: Human} Peptide Ligand is endogenous in the given species Immunopharmacology Ligand Hs Agonist - -
Immunopharmacology Comments
The functional IL-7 receptor is a heterodimer consisting of the ligand binding interleukin-7 receptor subunit α (IL7R) and a common-γ chain signal transducing subunit (interleukin-2 receptor subunit γ, IL2RG). IL2RG is shared with various cytokine receptors, including those for interleukin-2, -4, -9, and -15.

Targeting the IL-7/IL-7R pathway is being investigated as a novel intervention in autoimmune diseases, given IL-7's role in autoimmune inflammation [1-6].


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1. Dooms H. (2013) Interleukin-7: Fuel for the autoimmune attack. J Autoimmun, 45: 40-8. [PMID:23831438]

2. Lee LF, Logronio K, Tu GH, Zhai W, Ni I, Mei L, Dilley J, Yu J, Rajpal A, Brown C et al.. (2012) Anti-IL-7 receptor-α reverses established type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice by modulating effector T-cell function. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109 (31): 12674-9. [PMID:22733769]

3. Penaranda C, Kuswanto W, Hofmann J, Kenefeck R, Narendran P, Walker LS, Bluestone JA, Abbas AK, Dooms H. (2012) IL-7 receptor blockade reverses autoimmune diabetes by promoting inhibition of effector/memory T cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109 (31): 12668-73. [PMID:22733744]

4. Shinohara T, Nemoto Y, Kanai T, Kameyama K, Okamoto R, Tsuchiya K, Nakamura T, Totsuka T, Ikuta K, Watanabe M. (2011) Upregulated IL-7 receptor α expression on colitogenic memory CD4+ T cells may participate in the development and persistence of chronic colitis. J Immunol, 186 (4): 2623-32. [PMID:21217010]

5. Totsuka T, Kanai T, Nemoto Y, Makita S, Okamoto R, Tsuchiya K, Watanabe M. (2007) IL-7 Is essential for the development and the persistence of chronic colitis. J Immunol, 178 (8): 4737-48. [PMID:17404253]

6. Willis CR, Seamons A, Maxwell J, Treuting PM, Nelson L, Chen G, Phelps S, Smith CL, Brabb T, Iritani BM et al.. (2012) Interleukin-7 receptor blockade suppresses adaptive and innate inflammatory responses in experimental colitis. J Inflamm (Lond.), 9 (1): 39. [PMID:23057802]

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