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MAGE family member A3

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Target id: 3185

Nomenclature: MAGE family member A3

Family: Tumour-associated antigens

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human - 314 Xq28 MAGEA3 MAGE family member A3
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antigen MZ2-D | cancer/testis antigen family 1, member 3 | MAGE-3 antigen | melanoma-associated antigen 3
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Physiological Consequences of Altering Gene Expression Click here for help
Silencing MAGEA3 in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines decreases cell proliferation, colony formation and increases apoptosis.
Species:  Human
Tissue:  HCC cell lines
Technique:  Gene silencing
References:  1
Overexpression of MAGEA3 in the liver is associated with more aggressive tumours in vivo.
Species:  Mouse
Tissue:  Whole animal
References:  1
General Comments
MAGEA3 is one member of the extensive family of genes that encode cancer testis antigens (CTAs). Expression of CTAs is restricted to germ cells in normal tissues, but can be aberrantly reactivated in cancer tissues. The melanoma antigen (MAGE) family [2-3], is a CTA subset of ~40 genes (HGNC gene family 1136) whose expression is oncogenic.

Transcriptomic analysis of tumour samples from patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) identified MAGEA3 as a significant enhancer of HCC progression [1].


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1. Craig AJ, Garcia-Lezana T, Ruiz de Galarreta M, Villacorta-Martin C, Kozlova EG, Martins-Filho SN, von Felden J, Ahsen ME, Bresnahan E, Hernandez-Meza G et al.. (2021) Transcriptomic characterization of cancer-testis antigens identifies MAGEA3 as a driver of tumor progression in hepatocellular carcinoma. PLoS Genet, 17 (6): e1009589. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1009589 [PMID:34166362]

2. Lee AK, Potts PR. (2017) A Comprehensive Guide to the MAGE Family of Ubiquitin Ligases. J Mol Biol, 429 (8): 1114-1142. [PMID:28300603]

3. Weon JL, Potts PR. (2015) The MAGE protein family and cancer. Curr Opin Cell Biol, 37: 1-8. [PMID:26342994]

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