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stabilin 1

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Immunopharmacology Ligand target has curated data in GtoImmuPdb

Target id: 3247

Nomenclature: stabilin 1

Family: Scavenger receptors

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Human 1 2570 3p21.1 STAB1 stabilin 1
Mouse 1 2571 14 19.09 cM Stab1 stabilin 1
Rat - - 16p16 Stab1 stabilin 1
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Antibody Sp. Action Value Parameter Reference
bexmarilimab Peptide Immunopharmacology Ligand Hs Binding 9.1 pKd 1
pKd 9.1 (Kd 7.5x10-10 M) [1]
Description: Binding affinity determined by SPR
bexmarilimab Peptide Immunopharmacology Ligand Monkey Binding 9.0 pKd 1
pKd 9.0 (Kd 9.2x10-10 M) [1]
Description: Binding affinity determined by SPR
Immunopharmacology Comments
Stabilin-1/CLEVER-1 scavenges and clears unwanted self components, and promotes immunosuppression in the tumour microenvironment. Expression on macrophages and endothelial cells is induced during chronic inflammation. Blocking Stabilin-1 on monocytes or macrophages converts immunosuppressive M2 macrophages into immunostimulatory M1 macrophages, and this effect is being investigated as a mechanism to induce T cell-dependent killing of cancer cells [1-2].


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1. Hollmén M, Maksimow M, Rannikko JH, Karvonen MK, Vainio M, Jalkanen S, Jalkanen M, Mandelin J. (2022) Nonclinical Characterization of Bexmarilimab, a Clever-1-Targeting Antibody for Supporting Immune Defense Against Cancers. Mol Cancer Ther, 21 (7): 1207-1218. [PMID:35500016]

2. Viitala M, Virtakoivu R, Tadayon S, Rannikko J, Jalkanen S, Hollmén M. (2019) Immunotherapeutic Blockade of Macrophage Clever-1 Reactivates the CD8+ T-cell Response against Immunosuppressive Tumors. Clin Cancer Res, 25 (11): 3289-3303. [PMID:30755440]

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