Target id: 51

Nomenclature: RAMP1

Quaternary Structure: Complexes
AMY1 receptor
CGRP receptor
Gene and Protein Information
Receptor activity modifying protein
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name References
Human 1 148 2q36-q37.1 RAMP1 receptor activity modifying protein 1 1,3
Mouse 1 148 1 D Ramp1 receptor (calcitonin) activity modifying protein 1 1
Rat 1 148 9q36 Ramp1 receptor activity modifying protein 1
Previous and Unofficial Names
receptor activity modifying protein 1
receptor (G protein-coupled) activity modifying protein 1
Database Links
Alphafold O60894 (Hs), Q9WTJ5 (Mm), Q9JJ74 (Rn)
ChEMBL Target CHEMBL2107838 (Hs), CHEMBL2111189 (Hs), CHEMBL2109240 (Rn)
DrugBank Target O60894 (Hs)
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000132329 (Hs), ENSMUSG00000034353 (Mm), ENSRNOG00000019926 (Rn)
Entrez Gene 10267 (Hs), 51801 (Mm), 58965 (Rn)
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000132329 (Hs)
KEGG Gene hsa:10267 (Hs), mmu:51801 (Mm), rno:58965 (Rn)
OMIM 605153 (Hs)
Pharos O60894 (Hs)
RefSeq Nucleotide NM_005855 (Hs), NM_016894 (Mm), NM_031645 (Rn)
RefSeq Protein NP_005846 (Hs), NP_058590 (Mm), NP_113833 (Rn)
UniProtKB O60894 (Hs), Q9WTJ5 (Mm), Q9JJ74 (Rn)
Wikipedia RAMP1 (Hs)
Protein Comments
In situ hybridisation studies of the rat brain have shown RAMP1 mRNA to be located predominantly in the cortex, caudate putamen and olfactory tubercles [4].

Immunochemistry shows RAMP1 to be present in the human middle meningeal, middle cerebral, pial and superficial temporal arteries [5].

Northern blotting showed mouse RAMP1 mRNA to be located predominantly in the lung, skeletal muscle and brain [2].


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1. Derst C, Engel H, Grzeschik K, Daut J. (2000) Genomic structure and chromosome mapping of human and mouse RAMP genes. Cytogenet Cell Genet, 90 (1-2): 115-8. [PMID:11060459]

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