KHS subfamily: Introduction

MAP kinase kinase kinase kinases (MAP4Ks) belong to the mammalian STE20-like family of serine/threonine kinases. Five MAP4K genes have been identified in the human genome. These are listed in the table below

Gene symbolCommonly used nomenclatureKinase subfamily
MAP4K1hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1, HPK1KHS subfamily
MAP4K2germinal center kinase, GCKKHS subfamily
MAP4K3germinal-center kinase-like kinase, GLK, KHS2KHS subfamily
MAP4K4hepatocyte progenitor kinase-like kinase, HGKMSN subfamily
MAP4K5GCK-related protein kinase, KHS1KHS subfamily

The functions of the MAP4Ks in immunity and inflammation are reviewed by Chuang et al. (2016) [1].


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1. Chuang HC, Wang X, Tan TH. (2016) MAP4K Family Kinases in Immunity and Inflammation. Adv Immunol, 129: 277-314. [PMID:26791862]

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