Signal regulatory proteins: Introduction

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Signal regulatory proteins (SIRPs; also known as myeloid-paired receptors) are leukocyte-expressed membrane proteins that are involved in regulation of immune cells to ensure an optimal immune response to pathogens, but at the same time minimising self damage. They are also CD (cluster of differentiation) proteins. The extracellular regions of SIRP family members share significant homology, but exhibit different signalling potentials, with each family member mediating either an activating or inhibititory signal. In humans 5 SIRP genes (and one pseudogene) have been identified: SIRPA (SIRPα; CD172a), SIRPB1 (SIRPβ1; CD172b), SIRPB2, SIRPD and SIRPG (SIRPγ; CD172g). They are listed in HGNC family 747.

SIRPs associate with other proteins to achieve their regulatory effects. One well established interaction is that between the inhibitory SIRPα protein and CD47, an interaction that acts as an immune checkpoint. SIRPα/CD47 blockade is being exploited as an immuno-oncology strategy [5], by inhibiting either SIRPα [4] or CD47 [1,3]. Note that developing monoclonal antibodies that are selective for specific SIRPs is difficult because of their structural similarities, and because each gene is polymorphic [2].


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