cilofexor [Ligand Id: 10644] activity data from GtoPdb

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  • Farnesoid X receptor in Human [GtoPdb: 603] [UniProtKB: Q96RI1]
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DB Assay description Assay Type Standard value Standard parameter Original value Original units Original parameter Reference
Farnesoid X receptor in Human [GtoPdb: 603] [UniProtKB: Q96RI1]
GtoPdb EC50 determined as the ability of cilofexor to modulate the interaction between the purified bacterial expressed FXR ligand binding domain (LBD) and a synthetic biotinylated peptide based on residues 676-700 of SRC1, in a TR-FRET assay. - 7.6 pEC50 <25 nM EC50 US10485795B2. FXR (NR1H4) binding and activity modulating compounds (2019)

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