beclometasone dipropionate [Ligand Id: 5894] activity data from GtoPdb and ChEMBL

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ChEMBL ligand: CHEMBL1200500 (Aerobec 100, Aerobec 50, Aerobec fte 250, Asmabec clickhaler, Asmabec spacehaler, Beclazone 100, Beclazone 100 e-breathe, Beclazone 200, Beclazone 250, Beclazone 250 e-breathe, Beclazone 50, Beclazone 50 e-breathe, Becloaqua 50, Becloforte, Becloforte e-breathe, Becloforte integra, Becloforte-vm, Beclometasone, Beclometasone dipropionate, Beclomet diprop, Beclomethasone, Beclomethasone dipropionate, Beclomethasone dipropionate monohydrate, Beclomet hayfever, Beclomist, Beclotaide, Beclovent, Becodisks, Beconase, Beconase aq, Becotide, Becotide 100, Becotide 100 e-breathe, Becotide 200, Becotide 50, Becotide 50 e-breathe, Clenil modulite, Clipper, Filair 100, Filair 50, Filair fte, Fostair, Fostair nexthaler, Nasobec aq, Nasobec hayfever, NSC-755901, Propaderm, Propaderm-a, Propaderm-c, Propaderm fte, Pulvinal beclomet, Qnasl, Qvar 100, Qvar 100 e-breathe, Qvar 40, Qvar 50, Qvar 50 e-breathe, Qvar 80, Qvar redihaler, Rino clenil, SCH 18020W, SCH-18020W, SCH 8020W, SGX-201, SGX-202, SGX-203, Vancenase, Vancenase aq, Vancenase pockethaler, Vanceril, Vanceril double strength, Ventide, Vivabec, Zonivent aquanasal)
  • ADGRG3 in Human [GtoPdb: 188] [UniProtKB: Q86Y34]
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DB Assay description Assay Type Standard value Standard parameter Original value Original units Original parameter Reference
ADGRG3 in Human [GtoPdb: 188] [UniProtKB: Q86Y34]
GtoPdb - - 8.5 pEC50 3.1 nM EC50 FEBS Lett (2012) 586: 1214-9 [PMID:22575658]

ChEMBL data shown on this page come from version 33:

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