LY2886721 [Ligand Id: 6475] activity data from GtoPdb and ChEMBL

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ChEMBL ligand: CHEMBL2396989
  • beta-secretase 1/Beta-secretase 1 in Human [ChEMBL: CHEMBL4822] [GtoPdb: 2330] [UniProtKB: P56817]
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DB Assay description Assay Type Standard value Standard parameter Original value Original units Original parameter Reference
beta-secretase 1/Beta-secretase 1 in Human (target type: SINGLE PROTEIN) [ChEMBL: CHEMBL4822] [GtoPdb: 2330] [UniProtKB: P56817]
ChEMBL Inhibition of Fc domain of IgG1-fused human BACE1 (1 to 460) expressed in HEK293 cells preincubated for 10 mins followed by enzyme addition measured after 16 to 24 hrs by FRET assay B 7.69 pIC50 20.3 nM IC50 Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (2014) 24: 2033-2045 [PMID:24704031]
ChEMBL Inhibition of human recombinant BACE1 by FRET assay B 7.7 pIC50 20 nM IC50 Bioorg Med Chem Lett (2016) 26: 5729-5731 [PMID:27816517]
GtoPdb - - 7.7 pIC50 20.3 nM IC50 Alzheimer's and Dementia (2012) 8: 95
ChEMBL Inhibition of BACE1 (unknown origin) B 7.92 pIC50 12 nM IC50 Bioorg Med Chem Lett (2016) 26: 5729-5731 [PMID:27816517]

ChEMBL data shown on this page come from version 25:

A.P. Bento, A. Gaulton, A. Hersey, et al. (2014). The ChEMBL bioactivity database: an update. Nucl. Acids Res. Database Issue. 42 D1083-D1090. [PMID:24214965]