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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 11029

Synonyms: CorA | LS-54950 | LS54950
Comment: Corallopyronin A is a polyketide-peptide antibacterial produced by myxobacterium Corallococcus coralloides B035 [1-2,5]. It has potent anti-filarial activity [3-4].
2D Structure
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Physico-chemical Properties
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Hydrogen bond acceptors 5
Hydrogen bond donors 3
Rotatable bonds 16
Topological polar surface area 126.07
Molecular weight 527.29
XLogP 5.42
No. Lipinski's rules broken 2
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Canonical SMILES C/C=C/C/C=C(/C(CC/C(=C/C=C(/C(=O)c1c(O)cc(oc1=O)C(CC/C=C/NC(=O)OC)C)\C)/C)O)\C
Isomeric SMILES C/C=C/C/C=C(/C(CC/C(=C/C=C(/C(=O)c1c(O)cc(oc1=O)C(CC/C=C/NC(=O)OC)C)\C)/C)O)\C
InChI InChI=1S/C30H41NO7/c1-7-8-9-12-21(3)24(32)17-15-20(2)14-16-23(5)28(34)27-25(33)19-26(38-29(27)35)22(4)13-10-11-18-31-30(36)37-6/h7-8,11-12,14,16,18-19,22,24,32-33H,9-10,13,15,17H2,1-6H3,(H,31,36)/b8-7+,18-11+,20-14+,21-12+,23-16+
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Compound class Natural product or derivative
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methyl N-[(E)-5-[4-hydroxy-5-[(2E,4E,9E,12E)-8-hydroxy-2,5,9-trimethyltetradeca-2,4,9,12-tetraenoyl]-6-oxopyran-2-yl]hex-1-enyl]carbamate
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CorA | LS-54950 | LS54950
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CAS Registry No. 96789-48-9 (source: PubChem)
GtoPdb PubChem SID 405560470
PubChem CID 135570663
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