insulin-like growth factor 1

Ligand id: 4971

Name: insulin-like growth factor 1

Abbreviated name: IGF-1

Species: Human

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Compound class Endogenous peptide in human, mouse or rat
Ligand families/groups Neuropeptides
Approved drug? Yes (FDA (2005))
International Nonproprietary Names
INN number INN
6372 mecasermin
CEP-151 | mechano growth factor (MGF) | myotrophin
The recombinant form of human IGF-1 is an approved drug, mecasermin.
Gene symbol Gene name Species Precursor protein name Synonyms
IGF1 insulin like growth factor 1 Human prepro-insulin-like growth factor I IGF1A, insulin-like growth factor 1 (somatomedin C)
Database Links
ChEMBL Ligand CHEMBL1201716
DrugBank Ligand DB01277
Ensembl Gene ENSG00000017427 (Hs)
GtoPdb PubChem SID 178101669
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000017427 (Hs)
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UniProtKB P05019 (Hs)
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