Ligand id: 8719

Name: isatuximab

Compound class Antibody
ch38SB19 | hu38SB19 | SAR-650984 | SAR650984
Isatuximab is an investigational monoclonal antibody targeting CD38, with antineoplastic activity in preclinical studies [1].
A patent search identifies the peptide sequences of the light and heavy chain variable regions of isatuximab as SEQ ID NO: 22 and SEQ ID NO: 21 from patent US 8877899 B2 [3] (and equates to Ref mAB5 in the patent document). This patent further refers these sequences to WO2008047242 A8, but neither this or any associated patent (eg US20110262454 A1) provide peptide sequences to allow identification of isatuximab therein. The most likely patent defined embodiment being isatuximab is hu38SB19 [2].
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IMGT/mAb-DB 539
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GtoPdb PubChem SID 252827377
SynPHARM 82660 (in complex with CD38)