Ligand id: 7998

Name: guselkumab

Bioactivity Comments
Results from an earlier clinical trial indicate that 50-100% of guselkumab-treated patients achieved a 75% improvement in psoriasis area severity index scores12 weeks after a single dose treatment. None of the patients receiving placebo showed any improvement [5]. Decreased epidermal thickness and T-cell and dendritic cell expression was observed in lesional and nonlesional skin biopsies from guselkumab-treated patients compared with placebo-treated patients, indicative of improved disease control [5].
Development of guselkumab is claimed in patent US7935344 [1], where it is likely to be the monoclonal identified as 3759EQ/QS, based on peptide sequence identity. The patent provides a graphical representation of 3759EQ/QS displacement of IL-23 binding to IL-23R (in Figure 10), but does not provide a calculated affinity constant or IC50 value for this binding assay.