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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 7485

Synonyms: B2036-PEG | Somavert®
Approved drug
pegvisomant is an approved drug (FDA (2003), EMA (2008))
Comment: Pegvisomant is a PEGylated 191 amino acid protein analogue of growth hormone, with antagonist action at the growth hormone receptor. The peptide sequence can be obtained via the ChEMBL link. PEGylation protects the peptide from proteolytic breakdown and extends its bioactive half-life.
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Approved to treat acromegaly which has not been controlled by other interventions (eg surgery, radiation therapy or somatostatin treatment).
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Pegvisomant inhibits the ability of endogenous growth hormone to interact with the growth hormone receptor, the aim of which is to normalize serum IGF-I levels in acromegalic patients [1].
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