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Name: reslizumab

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Summary of Clinical Use
A Phase III clinical trial of reslizumab as a treatment for eosinophilic asthma (NCT01287039) has been completed, and results are published in [2].
In March 2016, the US FDA approved reslizumab for use with other asthma medicines for the maintenance treatment of severe asthma in adult patients.
Mechanism Of Action and Pharmacodynamic Effects
Reslizumab neutralises the effect of IL-5, a cytokine key to the activation of eosinophils. Eosinophils are the primary IL-5Rα-expressing cells. Elevated eosinophil numbers and IL-5 levels are observed in allergic rhinitis and asthma [3]. Reslizumab reduces severe asthma attacks by reducing the levels of circulating eosinophils.
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