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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 11943

Synonyms: TRV 023 | TRV-023
Comment: TRV023 is an angiotensin II (AngII) analogue, in which the C-terminal Phe8 residue is replaced with Ala [2]. This modification attenuates Gq-mediated signalling, but has no effect of β-arrestin-dependent receptor endocytosis.
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Canonical SMILES NCCCCC(C(=O)NC(C(=O)N1CCCC1C(=O)NC(C(=O)O)C)Cc1[nH]cnc1)NC(=O)C(NC(=O)C(C(C)C)NC(=O)C(NC(=O)CNC)CCCN=C(N)N)Cc1ccc(cc1)O
Isomeric SMILES CC(C)C(C(=O)NC(Cc1ccc(cc1)O)C(=O)NC(CCCCN)C(=O)NC(Cc1cnc[nH]1)C(=O)N1CCCC1C(=O)NC(C)C(=O)O)NC(=O)C(CCCN=C(N)N)NC(=O)CNC
InChI InChI=1S/C43H68N14O10/c1-24(2)35(56-37(61)29(52-34(59)22-47-4)10-7-17-49-43(45)46)40(64)54-31(19-26-12-14-28(58)15-13-26)38(62)53-30(9-5-6-16-44)36(60)55-32(20-27-21-48-23-50-27)41(65)57-18-8-11-33(57)39(63)51-25(3)42(66)67/h12-15,21,23-25,29-33,35,47,58H,5-11,16-20,22,44H2,1-4H3,(H,48,50)(H,51,63)(H,52,59)(H,53,62)(H,54,64)(H,55,60)(H,56,61)(H,66,67)(H4,45,46,49)
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3. Yamashita D, Chen XT. (2013)
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Patent number: US8486885B2. Assignee: Trevena Inc. Priority date: 29/12/2008. Publication date: 16/07/2013.