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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2008

Synonyms: cortistatin-17
Species: Human
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1. Engström M, Tomperi J, El-Darwish K, Ahman M, Savola JM, Wurster S. (2005)
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J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 312 (1): 332-8. [PMID:15333679]
2. Feuerbach D, Fehlmann D, Nunn C, Siehler S, Langenegger D, Bouhelal R, Seuwen K, Hoyer D. (2000)
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Neuropharmacology, 39 (8): 1451-62. [PMID:10818261]
3. Siehler S, Seuwen K, Hoyer D. (1998)
[125I]Tyr10-cortistatin14 labels all five somatostatin receptors.
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4. Siehler S, Seuwen K, Hoyer D. (1999)
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