d[D-Phe2]AVP   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 2185

Synonyms: [deamino-Cys1,D-Phe2]AVP
Comment: Synthetic analogue of AVP
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1. Derick S, Cheng LL, Voirol MJ, Stoev S, Giacomini M, Wo NC, Szeto HH, Ben Mimoun M, Andres M, Gaillard RC et al.. (2002)
[1-deamino-4-cyclohexylalanine] arginine vasopressin: a potent and specific agonist for vasopressin V1b receptors.
Endocrinology, 143 (12): 4655-64. [PMID:12446593]