neuropeptide head activator

Ligand id: 2496

Name: neuropeptide head activator

1. Boels K, Glassmeier G, Herrmann D, Riedel IB, Hampe W, Kojima I, Schwarz JR, Schaller HC. (2001)
The neuropeptide head activator induces activation and translocation of the growth-factor-regulated Ca(2+)-permeable channel GRC.
J. Cell. Sci., 114 (Pt 20): 3599-606. [PMID:11707512]
2. Rezgaoui M, Süsens U, Ignatov A, Gelderblom M, Glassmeier G, Franke I, Urny J, Imai Y, Takahashi R, Schaller HC. (2006)
The neuropeptide head activator is a high-affinity ligand for the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor GPR37.
J Cell Sci, 119: 542-549. [PMID:16443751]