[125I]GHRH (human)   Click here for help

GtoPdb Ligand ID: 3783

Synonyms: [125I]-GHRH | [125I]-growth hormone releasing hormone | [125I]-Tyr10-hGHRH(1-44)NH2 | [125I]GHRH(1-44)NH2
 Ligand is labelled  Ligand is radioactive
Compound class: Peptide
Comment: Radiolabelled form of human GHRH
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1. Boulanger L, Girard N, Strecko J, Gaudreau P. (2002)
Characterization of a growth hormone-releasing hormone binding site in the rat renal medulla.
Peptides, 23 (1): 43-50. [PMID:11814616]