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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 3900

Synonyms: galanin(2-13)Glu-His-(Pro)3(Ala-Leu)2Ala-amide
Comment: A synthetic analogue of galanin
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1. Sollenberg UE, Lundstrom L, Barfa T, Langel U. (2006)
M871- A Novel Peptide Antagonist Selectively Recognising the Galanin Receptor Type 2.
Int J Pept Res, 12 (2): 115-119.
2. Sollenberg UE, Runesson J, Sillard R, Langel U. (2010)
Binding of chimeric peptides M617 and M871 to galanin receptor type 3 reveals characteristics of galanin receptor-ligand interaction.
Int J Pept Res, (16): 17-22.